Toiletry Bag - Bobby

Entre 2 Retros

  • Staying organised on the road is a must.

    This travel toiletry bag is ideal for frequent travelers, it is made of upcycled luxury car seat fabric with waterproof internal lining. The clutch seat belt handle and the two compartments will hold all your gears while on the road.

    Why you should go for it...

    Entre 2 Retros is a French innovative company known for the production of products made from recycled materials. Every bag is hardwearing and functional. They offer durable, 100% eco friendly items for men inspired by the car industry. Both the design and recycling fabrics are very important for them, it is the value of the product. The key of owning a Entre 2 Retros bag is the knowledge that every piece is completely unique and handmade - there will be no other one in the world like it!

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