Shaving Travel Kit

Made in UK by Marram Co

  • It's time to think differently about shaving.

    Enjoy a quality shave wherever you go with Marram Co’s four-piece travel shaving set. Comprised of a lightweight silicon shaving brush, collapsible silicon shaving bowl, shaving cream and a protective travel case with an easy-clean lining, the use of modern materials and bright colours offers a fun, contemporary aesthetic that makes the everyday task of shaving something to be looked forward to. Add you Marram Co shaving cream to the bowl, whisk up a nourishing, fantastic-smelling lather and use the brush to apply to your face in small circles. Shave as you normally would with your favourite razor.

    Why you should go for it...

    Marram Co wants to change the way men feel about shaving and the way they actually shave forever. A good shave is not just about the blade, the secret to a good shave is how well you prepare the skin and stubble. These are our hero products in men's grooming!

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