Owl - Orange African Wax Sunglasses

Ballo | South Africa

  • The world looks better through Ballo

    Shweshwe is a printed dyed cotton fabric widely used for traditional South African clothing. You can buy the world's first shweshwe frames which form part of our Special Edition. Eyewood come with a microfiber Ballo bag, to keep lenses clean, and an upcycled cardboard box, for protection.

    Why you should go for it...

    Ballo is focused on producing high quality, locally designed and made products. Another goal is to make products as friendly to the environment as they are to the consumer. Ballo frames and cases are made, with love in Woodstock, Cape Town. Our frames are hand made from recycled paper and off-cut timber from local furniture producers. All frames come with high quality polarized lenses. The future looks bright through Ballo.

    Lens: Grey polarized

    Although, the fabric is the same for all our pairs, the rendering is unique.

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