Navy Canvas Watch Travel Roll

Made in Brittany by Avel & Men

  • Let your watches travel in style.

    Avel & Men created the perfect pouch, made in navy canvas, exclusive "weather chart" lining, it contains three secure timepieces pouches that keep them entirely separate from one another, minimising the risk of knocks and damage.

    Why you should go for it...

    A brother, a sister, a childhood in Brittany, a passion for sailing, an eye for beautiful products are all key parts of the Avel & Men identity. Avel, meaning wind in the Breton language, is a subtle fluid which sailing men strive to analyse and tame, ever adjusting the sail trimmers to achieve that perfection. Men, the rock in Breton, faces the elements with timeless virility, like a crew sailing the “Chenal du Four” upwind into the breeze

Category: bag, travel, Watch

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