Men's Golf Polo

  • Take control of your performance

    This men’s polo shirt can be worn on the golf course and especially everyday life. The polo shirts are made of a premium fabric that come from Italy, composed of polyamide and elastane. The fabric is made with LYCRA SPORT® that brings elasticity. It fits to the body without lighting, allowing the best freedom of the swing. It is also soft and pleasant to wear. It also has quick shape recovery properties. The polo shirt cut is fitted.

    Why you should go for it...

    Ailion Golf design an innovative and fashionable range of golf clothing that enable golfers to improve their performance on the green. The choice of fabric and the specific design are the main innovations. The products respect golf's traditions and etiquette while sticking to fashion trends. You will wear Ailion clothing be it on the green in the office or out dining with friends.

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