Magnetic Bamboo Knife Holder

Kotai Kitchen

Essential tool in your kitchen to safely hold your knife collection, the Kotai bamboo knife holder is made of natural bamboo sustainably grown in Fujian, China. It will conveniently keep your knives in place thanks to its powerful hidden magnet, without scratching the blades.

- Soft surface to avoid scratches
- Natural, varnished bamboo
- Foldable for easy transportation
- 30 x 22 cm, large enough for 6-8 knives
- Securely holds knives thanks to hidden magnet

About Kotai Kitchen

KOTAI was born as a bridge between Asian and Western cutlery. Light, precise, and ultra-sharp like a Japanese knife yet stainless, sturdy and very durable like a German knife. All the pros without the cons, no compromise.

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