Deluxe Leather Boxing Gloves

Made in New Zealand by MVP

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  • Handcrafted for heavy training

    Take your boxing session to the next level with this beautiful vintage inspired boxing glove set. Individually hand-crafted using the finest genuine cow leather, the Deluxe Leather Boxing Gloves are made for heavy training whilst being a stunning addition to your gym get-up...the best set of gloves you will own. Made from rich, supple leather the MVP Boxing Gloves will age beautifully and become a favourite item in your home or kit bag. Size 12oz.

    Why you should go for it...

    They might look vintage and retro but all the products from Modest Vintage Player are ready and waiting to be used and don’t just have to be put on display on your mantlepiece or in your workspace. These fantastic vintage sporting goods are all crafted with design and functionality in mind and we’re loving the bold visual impact that each one has and the head designer at Modest Vintage Player, Josh Carmody, certainly has a flair for creating the sort of sporting goods that are going to appeal to today’s contemporary man.

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