Cleaver Knife

Kotai Kitchen

Often called Chinese Cleaver (chukabocko), its broad 20 cm blade is ideal for cutting large chunks of meat, preparing spare ribs or quickly chopping hard vegetables without tiring your wrist.

Japanese precision, Western robustness
The best of both worlds

- 100% handmade
- Ultra-sharp Japanese 440C high-carbon stainless steel
- Hidden full tang
- Black pakkawood handle
- HRC hardness: 59-60
- Weight: 294g
- Perfectly balanced
- Stainless
- Wooden Saya (sheath or blade cover) included with each knife
- Lifetime warranty

The flat surface of the blade also makes a great tool for crushing garlic, nuts or ginger.Plus, its wide blade gives it the ability to scoop up your chopped and sliced ingredients safely and transfer them to a container or pan. Besides its aesthetic appeal, the “Tsuchime” (hammered) pattern creates tiny pockets of air between the blade and the food being cut. This ancestral Japanese method reduces drag, thus preventing food from sticking to the blade.

About Kotai Kitchen

KOTAI was born as a bridge between Asian and Western cutlery. Light, precise, and ultra-sharp like a Japanese knife yet stainless, sturdy and very durable like a German knife. All the pros without the cons, no compromise.

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