Carving Fork

Kotai Kitchen

This stainless steel carving fork is the perfect tool to serve up roasts or Thanksgiving turkeys. The square prongs gradually diminish to piercingly sharp tips, enabling an easy initial puncture followed by a firm grip, comfortably holding food in place while slicing or carving with the carving knife. Serving as an extension of the carver’s arm, the fork’s length also ensures your hand stays safely away from the blade.

- 15 cm (6”) prongs, 27 cm (11”) total length.
- 430 stainless steel for solidity and easy maintenance.
- Black hand-polished pakkawood handle.
- Seamless construction, no gaps for better hygiene.
- Hidden full tang for durability and comfort.

About Kotai Kitchen

KOTAI was born as a bridge between Asian and Western cutlery. Light, precise, and ultra-sharp like a Japanese knife yet stainless, sturdy and very durable like a German knife. All the pros without the cons, no compromise.

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