Avel & Men, Born In Brittany


Story Behind

The name « Avel & Men » - the wind and the stone in the Breton language – is a wink from the founders, Agnès and Xavier Broise, to their roots in Finistère, Brittany.


Sailing and regatta are a strong part of Avel & Men’s DNA. Xavier is one of those amateurs who invest most of their spare time in their passion for sailing. No day goes by without him preparing for a regatta or analysing his performance at past ones. All sailors live the bond with their boat, and a range of accessories, suitable for use in business, customisable to your boat’s references, lets you "sail" through your day fast under spinnaker...


Agnès, Xavier’s sister, embarked on the Avel & Men adventure on its creation. She has stormy memories of her first and last outing in an Optimist. Passionate about Brittany and its magnificient landscape, Agnès brings to the project her knowledge of the Design world. When scouting Design shows across Europe, she is always keen to share her fond memories of the nautical world with lovers of the sea from around the globe!


"We are pleased to offer a range of leather goods and luxury accessories, while at the same time deepening our passion for Brittany and regatta." said Xavier Broise, co-founder.




Avel & Men is a family company born out of a passion for sailing. Being sailers themselves, the creators have a deep understanding of what it's like to live and breathe the salty air out on the sea. 





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