The Great Diggers' Hong Kong Beer Guide

July 03, 2018

The Great Diggers' Hong Kong Beer Guide

If you’re a craft beer lover, you will have been delighted with the proliferation of craft brewers that are popping up all over Hong Kong. Craft beer is a borderline obsession of ours here at The Great Diggers and we’re forever scouring the city in search of new and delicious looking ales to try so we’ve taken the time to compile a list of 5 awesome looking craft beers that you should be treating your taste buds to this summer:

Oh, Bacon ! (5.4%)

Oh Bacon ! Black Kite Beer The Great Diggers

You said bacon? Well, could be surprising at first, but this smokey and delicious beer tastes just like bacon (obviously) and it's actually great with (late) breakfast.

Black Kite Brewery 

Big Wave Bay (7.0%)

Big Wave Bay HK Beer Co The Great Diggers

Our favorite here at The Great Diggers as it isn’t just delicious, it’s also got top notch branding to boot. Not one for the session ale man, the Big Wave Bay packs a punch at 7.0% ABV and features robust flavors sit on a rich base of malt, complemented by bracing bitterness, and the fragrant citrus, tropical fruit and pine aromas of American and Australian hops. Perfect summer fodder for the craft beer aficionado.

Hong Kong Beer Co.

Red Ale (4.5%) 

Red Ale Fat Rooster Beer The Great Diggers

Another one that has a bit of a kick to it, the Red Ale from Fat Rooster has got summer written all over it and perfectly suited to those hot days when a thirst quencher is a must. Robust and hoppy, with a distinct hop aroma. Malt-focused with an initial sweetness and a roasted dryness in the finish. Pleasant hoppy notes that are earthy, spicy and herbal. Medium body.

Fat Rooster 

King Yama - Sichuan Porter (8.0%)

The King Yama Moonzen Brewery Beer The Great Diggers

The King Yama from Moonzen Brewery has a weighty 8.0% ABV so you’ll perhaps not want to be knocking back too many of these on a hot day but it’s a good finisher for the evening (perhaps in more ways than one). Brewed with Sichuan Peppercorns, chillies and smoked cherrywood malt.

Moonzen Brewery

The Island 1842 Imperial IPA (8.0%)

Island 1842 Imperial Ale Young Master The Great Diggers

No craft beer list would be complete without an entry from Young Master Ales and it stands to reason we’ve gone for their summer ale, the Island 1842 which is a vibrant, hoppy ale that goes down a treat throughout the warmer summer months. The moment you pour Island 1842 into your snifter, expect a powerful nose of spicy, floral and zesty hops. The complexity of flavor will then continue to unfold with each sip and the flavor will linger on the palate.

Young Master Ales

And if you are looking to open your beer with style and a satisfying bottle opening experience, choose our incredible crafted opener made in San Francisco.


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