• Meet the Maker | Entre 2 Retros

October 28, 2020

In our monthly Meet the Maker series, you hear from our makers on their own journeys as artisans and entrepreneurs and how we, The Great Diggers, have changed their business for the better! 

In August, we’ve recently caught up with Virginie Nantas from Entre 2 Retros. A French innovative company known for the production of bags and fashion accessories made from recycled car materials. Learn more about her journey below.

Hi Virginie. Tell us more about yourself and how did you company come about?

I am a stylist designer and my friend Celeste has background in automobile industry. We have teamed up to create useful and different bags that we wanted strong, water-repellent and functional. After traveling all around the world to look for the perfect material, we met a car passionate. This gave rise to the idea that bags can be created from recycled car fabrics. And Entre 2 Retros was founded! 

Where do you find design inspiration for new products?

We found inspiration from the car fabrics we source in the manufacture and also from vintage cars. Both design and recycling fabrics are important for us, it is the value of our products. The key of owning a Entre 2 Retros bag is the knowledge that every piece is completely unique and handmade. There will be no other one in the world like it!

What advice would you give people hoping to start their own business

Remaining true to yourself, which means keeping both feet firmly on the ground, taking a new look at ever-changing contexts and situations, not losing sight of the big picture and delegating as much as possible.

What does sustainability mean to you? 

Entre 2 Retros has upheld its strong identity as a sustainable lifestyle brand by developing bags from up-cycling car fabrics with small ecological footprint. The collection is completely compostable and adheres to our activist philosophy. 

What’s next for your brand?

We are very excited to work with The Great Diggers and sell our products in Hong Kong. Ever since we started with them, we have been able to reach many more customers and car lovers, received interesting press coverage and feedback. We hope to continue to develop our brand in Hong Kong. 

The Great Diggers Entre 2 Retros making process