6 of the Best Gifts for Men this Christmas

November 16, 2017

 6 of the Best Gifts for Men this Christmas

As you may or not be aware, we recently launched new products on our online store here at The Great Diggers and you can’t beat a little bit of self-promotion so we’ve devised this Christmas Gift Guide for charismatic Men that incorporates awesome gifts that you can buy in the aforementioned The Great Diggers store. If you’re reading this at a loss for what you want for Christmas (a situation we often find ourselves in here at The Great Diggers) then hopefully this little guide will help…

…Check out our selection below:

1- Leather Watch Roll -For the World Traveler


​Avel & Men created the perfect pouch, made in Finest Italien full grain brown leather, exclusive "weather chart" lining, it contains three secure timepieces pouches that keep them entirely separate from one another, minimizing the risk of knocks and damage.​
Let your watches travel in style. ​Grab yours here! ​

2- ​Mugr -For the Coffee Lover


Handmade by Taiwanese artisans, this unique matte glazed Japanese ceramic lends a look and feel of cast iron while the wood forms the signature shape to make the most beautiful landscape on your table.
Mugr is where Earth Meets Wood. Find the awesomeness here!
3- Greyhours Watch -For the Stylish Man


The history of the brand is linked in a vision, a dream; the perfect watch, financially accessible to all and not just to a chosen few. Its ambition? Create a surprising watch brand, both classic and trendy, while taking advantage of exclusive materials commonly used for the manufacture of exceptional high-end timepieces.
Pick up watch perfection here.


4- Turntable -For the Music Aficionado


Quality build with wooden plinth. For the best sound quality and the least distortion, the Teac TN-100 uses a wooden plinth. High torque motor and belt drive for sonic accuracy: excellent speed stability, giving you pitch perfect music.
Affordable turntable for vinyl enthusiasts. Find yours here.


5- Marou Chocolates -For the Gourmet


A delicious selection of “bean to bar” single-origin chocolate handmade in Saigon using purely Vietnamese ingredients of highest quality. Each bar has its own cocoa percentage and its own flavor notes. No matter what the occasion, it is the perfect gift for the chocolate lover in your life!
Love this? Find it here.
6- The Homemade Gin Kit -For the Cocktail Enthusiast


Welcome to the exclusive society of small-batch gin producers. Like a modern alchemist turning lead into gold, with this kit you can transform a simple bottle of vodka into an outstanding bottle of delicious homemade gin in just 36 hours.
Go for it! here.
​So, that wraps up our (ever so slightly self-promotional) list of awesome gifts for men this Christmas – hope it helps!​

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